Glen Haggis - Gold Label is an alcohol-free sweet flavoured drink which has the appearance, but not the taste of whisky. It has its own unique flavour, derived from ingredients originally indigenous to Scotland including a single Scottish malt, Scottish apple juice sourced from walled gardens within the Angus region and naturally filtered pure Scottish spring water from the Central Lowlands.

The flavoured with ginger, which has been popular since the 19th century, when nearly every large town had their own ‘botanical brewer’, producing ginger beer from locally source spring waters. In the 1990's, Dumfries alone had at least eight different companies brewing ginger beer and cordials.

Hints of Scottish Highland heather honey and cinnamon are added. The ingredients are then heated and blended together, with subtle peaty smoke flavours. Our triple filtering process, rigorous quality control procedures and plenty of tasting, ensures a beverage of the highest standard.

Our formulation has been 30 years in the making, resulting in a warm, dark golden, full-bodied drink. Can be enjoyed on its own as an alternative to alcohol-based drinks or blended with mixers to create your own alcohol-free cocktails.

Limited Edition 
Due to the limited supply of natural ingredients we can only currently produce a maximum of 2,000 bottles per year. We are working with our sources to ensure that our product maintains its unique flavour and we will not compromise on quality or taste. 

We will only increase our volumes if similar Scottish sources become available.